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Last Road Trips of 2022

I thought I was done traveling for the year – not so!

A quick trip to Myrtle Beach was followed by a trip to see the North Carolina Chinese Lantern Festival!

Then I got a call from a friend asking me if I wanted to go see the Sergeant show at the National Gallery in DC. Off we went!

And at Quantico there was a show by the fabulous Mary Whyte. She did a painting of veterans, one from each state, in their rolls after leaving the military.

The last stop was in Richmond for lunch at the Jefferson Inn, we had a great lunch and it was beautifully decorated.

Happy New Year! 2022 was a great year of growth for me and I’m really looking forward to another great one in 2023.

2 thoughts on “Last Road Trips of 2022

  1. Such beauty- so fortunate to be able to bathe in such wonderful experiences – sending hugs – joy

    1. Thank you Joy! I will miss seeing you this winter. I’m off to Key West next week for 2 weeks but am not going to make it to Ft Myers. I AM going to Maine flying into Boston in August so may be on the cape for a few days. Haven’t planned that whole trip yet. I hope you have a wonderful winter!

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