Janet Francoeur is a painter, a tile maker, a wanna be writer, an ok photographer, a gardener, she has wanderlust and not enough time to do everything she wants to do! Jan, as she likes to be called, has been a professional artist her entire adult life. She started with drawing in pencil, then ink, then watercolor, clay and now oil and mosaic. For 25 years she did house portraits in ink and for the past 15 years she also does them in watercolor. Jan and her husband Michael moved to New Bern, North Carolina in 1989 from Aspen, Colorado, where they had lived for 6 years. They were both born and raised in southern Michigan not far from Ann Arbor.

Michael was an organic farmer, which is what took them to Colorado. There he worked for John Denver at the Windstar Foundation while Jan worked for the Arts Council, did her artwork, and then she worked in the graphics department of the Aspen Times.

In New Bern they opened a gallery called Carolina Creations, which they ran for 27 years. They sold the gallery in the summer of 2017 so Jan could concentrate on her artwork and fulfill her lust for travel.