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Hart Square 2018 Volume Two

Here is a video I shot about Hart Square and the Cotton Gin.


Inside the cotton gin.

This is how they baled the cotton.

Underneath the cotton gin.

Rug Hooking.

Cutting, carding, and spinning flax to make linen.

Leather working.

Steaming and bending wood.

There were 4 or 5 groups in different areas playing.

Grinding apples.

I LOVED watching this little girl clog and seeing the expressions on her face.

Grist mill.

This mud covered fire box for the still made a hotter fire so moonshine making more efficient and it created less smoke so they were less likely to be detected!

Chair caning.

Lady making lace.

Carving toys.

As I was getting ready to leave they took the top off the kiln.

What a great experience!  Here is a link to the website. 

There is a beautiful coffee table book you can purchase.

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